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AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptop PA1579U-1ACA PA-1750-09 / -59 19V 3.95A 75W-ta Charger Supply Cord wire
AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptop PA1579U-1ACA PA-1750-09 / -59 19V 3.95A 75W-ta Charger Supply Cord wire
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AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptop PA1579U-1ACA PA-1750-09 / -59 19V 3.95A 75W-ta Charger Supply Cord wire

AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptop PA1579U-1ACA PA-1750-09 / -59 19V 3.95A 75W-ta Charger Supply Cord wire

AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptop PA1579U-1ACA PA-1750-09 / -59 19V 3.95A 75W-ta Charger Supply Cord wire


  • Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V, 3.95A 75W

compatible with the following device:

  • Toshiba Portage M800 Series
    M800-10D, M801, M800-11J, M800-10N, M800-10V, M800, M800-101, M800-10W,
    M800-105, M800-113, M800-10A, M800-116, M800-10C, M800-701, M800-106
  • Toshiba Satellite A105 Series
    A105-S2071, A105-S271X, A105-S2131, A105-S361X, A105-S2201, A105-S1010,
    A105-S2231, A105-S3610, A105-S2236, A105-S101X, A105-S171X
  • Toshiba Equium L40 Series
    L40, L40-18Z, L40-14I, L40-156, L40-17M
  • Toshiba Satellite U305 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite L300D Series
    L300D-12I, L300D, L300D-11V, L300D-24Q, L300D-13S, L300D-202, L300D-243,
    L300D-12L, L300D-242
  • Toshiba Satellite L35 Series
    L35-S2316, L35-S2366, L35
  • Toshiba Equium L40 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite M115 Series
    M115, M115-S1061, M115-S1064, M115-S1071
  • Toshiba Satellite M30X Series
    M30X-163, M30X-S181ST, M30X, M30X-124, M30X-150, M30X-165, M30X-S214,
    M30X-104, M30X-127, M30X-154, M30X-168, M30X-105, M30X-129, M30X-156,
    M30X-S1592ST, M30X-111, M30X-134, M30X-1592ST, M30X-S1593ST, M30X-115,
    M30X-143, M30X-1593ST, M30X-S171ST, M30X-122, M30X-148
  • Toshiba Satellite M35x series
    M35X-S149, M35X-S309, M35X-S349, M35X-S1491, M35X-S3091, M35X-S3491,
    M35X, M35X-S1492, M35X-S311, M35X-S109, M35X-S161, M35X-S3111, M35X-S111,
    M35X-S1611, M35X-S329, M35X-S114, M35X-S163, M35X-S3291
  • Toshiba Satellite M40 Series
  • Toshiba Equium M40X Series
    M40X, M40X
  • Toshiba Satellite M45 Series
    M45-S169, M45-S169X, M45-S165, M45-S165X
  • Toshiba Equium M50 Series
    M50-244, M50-192
  • Toshiba Satellite M55 Series
    M55-S1391, M55-S139, M55-S139X, M55-S141
  • Toshiba Mini NB100 Series
    NB100-11R, NB100-12A, NB100-139, NB100-128, NB100
  • Toshiba Dynabook SS Series
    SS 425
  • Toshiba Satellite T130 Series
    T130-13N, T130-11H, T130-14M, T130-13L, T130-13M, T130-14U, T130-11J,
    T130-130, T130-14Q, T130-13K, T130-12Z, T130, T130, T130-12N, T130-132,
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D Series
    A300D, A300D-131, A300D-13S, A300D-132, A300D-13E
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro P300 Series
    P300-28M, P300-1FP, P300-1EX, P300-16T, P300-14Q, P300-19O, P300-276,
    P300-1FQ, P300-23L, P300-18Q, P300-14R, P300, P300-1CV, P300-14S, P300-16V,
    P300-28L, P300-19N, P300-13I, P300-20H, P300, P300-28E, P300-20C, P300-18O,
    P300, P300-14P
  • Toshiba Satellite A200 Series
    A200-1YO, A200, A200-26D, A200-1VP
  • Toshiba Equium M70 Series
    M70-173, M70-337, M70-339, M70-364
  • Toshiba Equium L350D Series
  • Toshiba Equium U300 Series
    U300, U300-ST3094
  • Toshiba Equium L300 Series
    L300-146, L300-1FK, L300-1AQ, L300-23M, L300-12F, L300-1G5, L300-29X,
    L300-1BV, L300-19S, L300-22X, L300-1AF, L300-1FL, L300-13R, L300-293,
    L300-12H, L300-217, L300-2CP, L300-1AP, L300-25G, L300-155, L300-1FN,
    L300-1AS, L300-292, L300-128, L300-1DN, L300-2CW, L300-16L, L300-1G6,
    L300-1FS, L300-19Q, L300-1FO, L300-18E, L300-28W, L300-12X, L
  • Toshiba Satellite T115 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 Series
    A300-193, A300-1FZ, A300-1RR, A300-2C4, A300-1OM, A300-192, A300-1OP,
    A300-1O9, A300-22E, A300-2C5, A300-21H, A300-195, A300-1NG, A300-1DZ,
    A300-1SX, A300-1MC, A300-28R, A300-194, A300-1LW, A300-1PW, A300-1EA,
    A300-1J1, A300-1G0, A300-1C1, A300-1RS, A300-1OQ, A300-1E7, A300-1NH,
    A300-1C2, A300-229, A300-2C2, A300, A300-1E0, A300-1S8, A300-
  • Toshiba Equium P200 Series
    P200, P200-178, P200-1IR, P200-1ED
  • Toshiba Satellite A110 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series
    U400-12Y, U400-11V, U400-189, U400-13T, U400-153, U400-126, U400-17O,
    U400-15B, U400, U400-14B, U400-22N, U400-13A, U400-127, U400-18L, U400-23X,
    U400-124, U400-15E, U400-217, U400-15I, U400, U400-10H, U400-17Q, U400-145,
    U400-130, U400-108, U400-146, U400-142, U400-18S, U400
  • Toshiba Equium L350 Series
    L350, L350-10L
  • Toshiba Satellite T135 Series
  • Toshiba Satellite A350 Series
    A350-12J, A350-11N, A350-20N
  • Toshiba Satellite T110 Series
    T110-107, T110-11U, T110-11V, T110
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Series
    A210-1C7, A210-18M, A210-1AZ, A210-1B1, A210-16V, A210-16W, A210-1B3
  • Toshiba Satellite 1000 Series
    1000-S157, 1000-S158, 1000-Z2, 1005, 1005-S157, 1000, 1005-S158
  • Toshiba Satellite 1100 Series
    1100, 1100-S101, 1105
  • Toshiba Satellite 1200 Series
    1200-S252, 1200, 1200-S121, 1200-S122
  • Toshiba Satellite 1600 Series
    1695, 1640CDT, 1695CDT, 1600, 1670CDS, 1605, 1675, 1605CDS, 1675CDS,
    1620CDS, 1690CDT, 1625CDT
  • Toshiba Satellite 1700 Series
    1735, 1755DVD, 1735XCDS, 1700, 1750, 1715XCDS, 1755, 1730, 1755CDT,
    1730CDT, 1755CE
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 3000 Series
    3000, 3000-S353, 3005-S309, 3000, 3000-S514, 3005-S403, 3000-S303,
    3005, 3005-S504, 3000-S304, 3005-S303, 3000-S307, 3005-S304, 3000-S309,
  • Toshiba Satellite A100 Series
    A100-259, A100-204
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Series
    A200-16Y, A200-196
  • Toshiba Satellite A80 Series
    A80-144, A80-S178TD, A80-121, A80-154, A80-122, A80-168, A80-129,
    A80-169, A80, A80-140, A80-116, A80-142, A80-117
  • Toshiba Satellite A85 Series
    A85-S1071, A85-S1072, A85, A85-S107
  • Toshiba Satellite L10 Series
    L10-107, L10-146, L10-108, L10, L10, L10, L10-113, L10-100, L10-114,
    L10-101, L10-132, L10-103, L10-144
  • Toshiba Satellite L15 Series
    L15, L15-S104, L15-S1041
  • Toshiba Satellite L20 Series
    L20-121, L20-159, L20-196, L20-228, L20-C430, L20-101, L20-135, L20-173,
    L20-199, L20-256, L20-P430, L20-102, L20-149, L20-181, L20-200, L20-257,
    L20-P440, L20-112, L20-153, L20, L20, L20-182, L20-204, L20-260,
    L20-S310TD, L20-118, L20-155, L20-198, L20-183, L20-205, L20-267, L20,
    L20-120, L20-157, L20-264, L20-188, L20-217, L20-268, L20-100
  • Toshiba Satellite L25 Series
    L25-S121, L25-S1192, L25-S1215, L25-S1193, L25-S1216, L25-S1194,
    L25-S1217, L25-S1195, L25-SP139, L25, L25-S1196, L25-S119

Package include:

  • Genuine TOSHIBA 19V 3.95A 75W-ta AC Adapter
  • power cord
  • Bulk packaging, NOT in Retail Box
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just
    for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you
    received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter
    that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!!

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