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AC Adapter for HP Compaq 380467-004 18.5V 3.5A 65W Power Supply fits Presario M2200 M2000 M2500 V2000 V2200 V2400 V2500 V2600 V4000
AC Adapter for HP Compaq 380467-004 18.5V 3.5A 65W Power Supply fits Presario M2200 M2000 M2500 V2000 V2200 V2400 V2500 V2600 V4000
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AC Adapter for HP Compaq 380467-004 18.5V 3.5A 65W Power Supply fits Presario M2200 M2000 M2500 V2000 V2200 V2400 V2500 V2600 V4000

AC Adapter for HP Compaq 380467-004 18.5V 3.5A 65W Power Supply fits Presario M2200 M2000 M2500 V2000 V2200 V2400 V2500 V2600 V4000


  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 18.5V, 3.5A, 65W
  • UCODE: U028
  • Power cable included

Compatible Part No:

  • 371790-001
  • 338136-001
  • 285546-001
  • 285288-001
  • 265602-001
  • 239704-001
  • 239704-001
  • 239427-003
  • 239427-003
  • 239427-001
  • 239427-001
  • 239427-001
  • 209126-001
  • 209124-001
  • 179725-003
  • 163444-001
  • 159224-001
  • 146594-001
  • 120765-001
  • 101898-001
  • 101880-001
  • PPP009L
  • PPP009H
  • PPP002D
  • PP1006
  • PPP009H
  • PPP002D
  • PP1006
  • PA-1651-02C
  • P-0K065B13
  • LPACQ3
  • HP-OK065B13
  • AC-C14 A265
  • 409843-001
  • 387661-001
  • 386315-002

Product compatible with these Laptops:

    HP Compaq Presario M Series M2000, M2200,M2500 Series:

  • M2000 M2000Z M2001AL M2001AP M2001EA M2001XX M2002AL M2002AP M2003AL M2003AP M2004AP M2005AP M2005US M2006AP M2007AP M2007US M2008AP M2009AP M2010AP M2010CA M2010EA M2010US M2011AP M2011EA M2012AP M2013AP M2014AP M2015AP M2015CL M2015LA M2016AP M2017AP M2018AP M2018LA M2019AP M2019EA M2020AP M2020EA M2021AP M2022 M2023AP M2024AP M2025AP M2026AP M2027AP M2028AP M2029AP M2030AP M2030EA M2031AP M2031EA M2032AP M2033AP M2034AP M2034EA M2035AP M2035EA M2036AP M2037AP M2038AP M2039AP M2040AP M2041AP M2042AP M2043AP M2044AP M2045AP M2046AP M2046EA M2047AP M2048AP M2049AP M2050AP M2050EA M2051AP M2052AP M2052EA M2053AP M2054AP M2054EA M2055AP M2055EA M2056AP M2057AP M2058AP M2059AP M2060AP M2061AP M2062AP M2065EA M2070EA M2071EA M2075EA M2099xx M2101EA M2101US M2105CA M2105EA M2105US M2108EA M2108US M2113EA M2125EA M2128EA M2130EA M2131EA M2140EA M2145EA M2150EA M2155EA M2175EA M2200 M2201AP M2201EA M2201TU M2202AP M2202EA M2202TU M2203AP M2203AU M2204AP M2204TU M2205AP M2205EA M2205TU M2206AP M2206TU M2207AP M2207EA M2207TU M2208AP M2208EA M2208TU M2209AP M2210AP M2210EA M2211AP M2212AP M2213AP M2214AP M2214LA M2215AP M2215EA M2215LA M2216AP M2217AP M2217LA M2218AP M2219AP M2220AP M2221AP M2222AP M2223AP M2224AP M2225AP M2226AP M2227AP M2228AP M2229AP M2230AP M2230EA M2231AP M2232AP M2233AP M2234AP M2235AP M2236AP M2237AP M2238AP M2239AP M2239AU M2240AP M2240AU M2241AP M2241AU M2241EA M2242AP M2242AU M2243AP M2243AU M2244AP M2244AU M2245AP M2245AU M2245EA M2246AP M2246AU M2246EA M2247AP M2247AU M2248AP M2248AU M2248EA M2249AP M2249AU M2250AP M2250AU M2251AP M2251AU M2252AP M2252AU M2253AP M2253AU M2254AP M2254AU M2255AP M2255AU M2255EA M2256AU M2256TU M2257AU M2257TU M2258AU M2258TU M2259AU M2259TU M2260AU M2260TU M2261AU M2261TU M2262AU M2262TU M2263AU M2263TU M2264AU M2264TU M2265AU M2265TU M2266TU M2267TU M2268TU M2269TU M2270TU M2271TU M2272TU M2273TU M2274TU M2275TU M2276TU M2277TU M2299XX M2301NR M2301XX M2302EA M2305NR M2308EA M2310LA M2316EA M2318LA M2350EA M2355EA M2356EA M2357EA M2358EA M2370EA M2397EA M2401EA M2401XT M2405LA M2406EA M2411EA M2412EA M2425LA M2500 M2501AU M2501TU M2502AU M2502TU M2503AU M2503TU M2504AU M2504TU M2505AU M2505TU M2506AU M2506TU M2507AU M2507TU M2508AU M2508TU M2509AU M2509TU M2510AU M2510TU M2511AU M2511TU M2512AU M2512TU M2513AU M2513TU M2514AU M2514TU M2515LA M2515TU M2516TU M2517TU M2518TU M2519TU M2520TU M2521TU M2522TU M2523TU M2524TU M2525TU M2526TU M2527TU M2528TU M2529TU M2599XX

    Compaq Presario V2000,V2100,V2200,V2300,V2400 Series:

  • V2000, V2000t, V2000z, V2001, V2002, V2003, V2004, V2005, V2006, V2007, V2008, V2009, V2010, V2010US, V2016, V2017, V2018, V2019, V2020, V2021, V2022, V2023, V2024, V2025, V2026, V2027, V2028, V2029, V2030, V2030US, V2031, V2032, V2033, V2034, V2035, V2036, V2037, V2038, V2039, V2040, V2040US, V2041, V2069, V2069CL, V2100, V2110, V2110US, V2110CA, V2130, V2135, V2135US, V2140, V2140US, V2140CA, V2146, V2146CL, V2150, V2150US, V2200, V2205, V2205US, V2208, V2208CL, V2210, V2210US, V2210CA, V2220, V2220US, V2300, V2304, V2304US, V2305, V2305CA, V2305US, V2306, V2306US, V2309, V2309US, V2310, V2310CA, V2310US, V2311, V2311US, V2312, V2312US, V2320, V2321, V2321US, V2330, V2335, V2335US, V2400, V2400 CTO, V2401, V2401CL, V2402, V2402US, V2403, V2403NR, V2403us, V2404, V2404US, V2405, V2405CA, V2405US, V2409, V2409US, V2410, V2410CA, V2410CL, V2410US, V2413, V2413US, V2414, V2414NR, V2419, V2419US, V2424, V2424NR

    Compaq Presario V2500,V2600, V4000 Series:

  • V2500, V2508, V2508WM, V2552, V2552US, V2555, V2555US, V2555CA, V2565, V2565US, V2565CA, V2570, V2570CA, V2570NR, V2575, V2575US, V2575CA, V2582, V2582US, V2600, V2610, V2610US, V2630, V2630US, V2640, V2640NR, V2665, V2665US, V2698, V2699 , V4000, V4000z, V4001, V4002, V4003, V4004, V4005, V4005CL, V4015, V4015US, V4020, V4020US, V4025, V4025US, V4035, V4035CA, V4035US

    HP Pavilion DV1000 Series:

  • HP Pavilion DV1000, DV1000 CTO, DV1001, DV1001AP, DV1001XX MV IUR, DV1002, DV1002AP, DV1002XX MV IUR, DV1003, DV1004, DV1004AP, DV1005, DV1006, DV1006AP, DV1007, DV1008, DV1009, DV1009AP, DV1009XX MV, DV1010, DV1010AP, DV1010US, DV1010CA, DV1011, DV1011, DV1012, DV1012LA, DV1013, DV1014, DV1014AP, DV1014LA, DV1015, DV1015AP, DV1015LA, DV1016, DV1017, DV1018, DV1019, DV1020, DV1021, DV1021AP, DV1022, DV1022AP, DV1023, DV1024, DV1024AP, DV1024LA, DV1025, DV1025AP, DV1025LA, DV1026, DV1027, DV1028, DV1029, DV1029AP, DV1030, DV1030AP, DV1031, DV1031AP, DV1032, DV1033, DV1034, DV1034AP, DV1040, DV1040US, DV1040CA, DV1042, DV1044, DV1045, DV1045LA, DV1049, DV1049CL, DV1050, DV1050US, DV1060, DV1060US, DV1061, DV1063, DV1064, DV1065, DV1065US, DV1066, DV1067, DV1071, DV1074, DV1075

    HP Pavilion DV1300,DV1400,DV1500, DV1600 Series:

  • DV1300, DV1310, DV1310US, DV1311, DV1311SE, DV1315, DV1315CL, DV1320, DV1320US, DV1321us, DV1330, DV1330CA, DV1330US, DV1340, DV1340US, DV1400, DV1410, DV1410US, DV1411, DV1411SE, DV1420, DV1420US, DV1427us, DV1430, DV1430US, DV1432, DV1432US, DV1435, DV1439, DV1439US, DV1440, DV1440US,DV1500, DV1510, DV1510US, DV1510CA, DV1515, DV1515CL, DV1519, DV1519US, DV1520, DV1520US, DV1520CA, DV1530, 1530US, DV1530CA, DV1532, DV1532US, DV1540, DV1540US, DV1540CA, DV1550, DV1550SE, DV1580, DV1580SE, DV1600, DV1610, DV1610US, DV1650, DV1650US, DV1670, DV1670US

    HP Pavilion DV4000 Series,

  • HP Pavilion DV4000, DV4000 CTO, DV4005, DV4005US, DV4010, DV4015, DV4015CL, DV4018, DV4018CL, DV4020, DV4020us, DV4030, DV4030US, DV4030CA, DV4040, DV4040CA, DV4040US, DV4100, DV4100 CTO, DV4125, DV4125US, DV4129, DV4129US, DV4130, DV4130US, DV4150, DV4150CA, DV4150US, DV4155, DV4155CL, DV4155US, DV4165, DV4165CL, DV4170, DV4170CA, DV4170US, DV4200, DV4210, DV4217, DV4217CL, DV4220, DV4223, DV4223CL, DV4230, DV4230us, DV4250, DV4250US, DV4250CA, DV4253, DV4253US, DV4257, DV4257US, DV4269, DV4269US, DV4270, DV4270US, DV4270CA, DV4272, DV4272US, DV4300, DV4305, DV4305US, DV4307, DV4307CA, DV4307CL, DV4308, DV4308WM, DV4310, DV4310US, DV4320, DV4320US, DV4330, DV4330US, DV4330CA, DV4340, DV4340US, DV4340CA, DV4400, DV4401, DV4420

    HP Pavilion DV5000 Series,

  • DV5000, DV5001, DV5003, DV5003CL, DV5010, DV5017, DV5017CL, DV5020, DV5020US, DV5020CA, DV5029, DV5029US, DV5030, DV5030US, DV5040, DV5040US, DV5100, DV5100CTO, DV5110, DV5110US, DV5120, DV5120US, DV5123, DV5123CL

Package Includes:

  • AC Adapter for HP Compaq 18.5V 3.5A 65W Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!

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