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HP F4600A Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply 19V 5A For ADP-75HB OmniBook vt6200 xe4500 xe4400 Pavilion ze1250 ZT1000 ZT1100 6000 Series
HP F4600A Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply 19V 5A For ADP-75HB OmniBook vt6200 xe4500 xe4400 Pavilion ze1250 ZT1000 ZT1100 6000 Series
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HP F4600A Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply 19V 5A For ADP-75HB OmniBook vt6200 xe4500 xe4400 Pavilion ze1250 ZT1000 ZT1100 6000 Series

HP F4600A Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply 19V 5A For ADP-75HB OmniBook vt6200 xe4500 xe4400 Pavilion ze1250 ZT1000 ZT1100 6000 Series


  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 19V, 5A
  • UCODE:U022
  • Power cable included

Compatible Part No:

  • F4600A
  • F4600A#ABA
  • F1814A
  • ADP-75FB
  • ADP-75HB
  • 0950-4334
  • 325112-001
  • 324816-003
  • Adp-90hd
  • 325112-001,
  • F4813A
  • F4813-60901


    AC Adapter, 75W Ultraslim with PFC F4600A

  • OmniBook vt6200 F4527HS, F5037HS, F5037JC, F5037JG, F5037JR, F5037JT, F5037J, F5038HS, F5038JC, F5038JG, F5038JR, F5038JT, F5038J, F5039JG, F5039JT, F5040JC, F5040JG, F5040JR, F5040JT, F5040J, F5041JG, F5041JT, F5042HS, F5042JC, F5042JG, F5042JR, F5042JT, F5042J, F5043JC, F5043JG, F5043JR, F5043JT, F5043J, F5044JC, F5044JG, F5044JR, F5044JT, F5044J, F5045JG, F5045JT, F5046JG, F5046JT, F5047JC, F5047JG, F5047JR, F5047JT, F5047J, F5048JC, F5048JG, F5048JR, F5048JT, F5048J, F5049JG, F5049JT, F5050JC, F5050JG, F5050JR, F5050JT, F5050J, F5051HT, F5051H, F5051JC, F5051JG, F5051JR, F5051JT, F5051J, F5052JG, F5052JT, F5053HS, F5053JC, F5053JG, F5053JR, F5053JT, F5053J, F5054JG, F5054JT, F5055JC, F5055JG, F5055JR, F5055JT, F5055J, F5056JC, F5056JG, F5056JR, F5056JT, F5056J, F5057JC, F5057JG, F5057JR, F5057JT, F5057J, F5058JG, F5058JT, F5059JG, F5059JT, F5060HS, F5060JC, F5060JG, F5060JR, F5060JT, F5060J, F5061JC, F5061JG, F5061JR, F5061JT, F5061J, F5157JG, F5157JR, F5157JT, F5157J, F5158JG, F5158JT, F5158J, F5176H, F5176JC, F5176JG, F5176JT, F5176J, F5177HT, F5177H, F5177JG, F5177JR, F5177JT, F5177J, F5178J, F5280HS, F5343JS, F5344JS, F5366JS, F5388LL, F5388LV, F5389LL, F5389LV, F5390LL, F5390LV, F5391LL, F5391LV, F5392HT, F5392H, F5392JC, F5392JG, F5392JR, F5392JT, F5392J, F5393HT, F5393H, F5393JC, F5393JG, F5393JT, F5393J, F5505JS, F5506JS, F5509JS, F5510HS, F5516JS, F5606JS, F5623JS, F5633JS, F5643JS, F5647JS, F5802JS, F5803JS, F5827JS, F6740JS, F6741JS, F6742JS, F6744JS, F6748JS, F6750JS, F6751JS,
  • OmniBook xe4500 F4781AV, F4780AV, F4867HC, F4867HG, F4867H, F4867JC, F4867JG, F4867JT, F4867J, F4868HC, F4868HG, F4868H, F4868JC, F4868JG, F4868J, F4883H, F4883J, F5345JS, F5634JS, F5807JS, F5808JS, F4869HC, F4869HG, F4869H, F4869JC, F4869JG, F4869JT, F4869J, F4870HC, F4870HG, F4870HT, F4870H, F4870JC, F4870JG, F4870JT, F4870J, F4871HC, F4871HG, F4871HT, F4871H, F4871JC, F4871JG, F4871JT, F4871J, F4872HC, F4872HG, F4872H, F4872JC, F4872JG, F4872J, F4873HC, F4873HG, F4873H, F4873JC, F4873JG, F4873J, F4874HC, F4874HG, F4874HT, F4874H, F4874JC, F4874JG, F4874JT, F4874J, F4875HG, F4875HT, F4875H, F4875JG, F4875JT, F4875J, F4876H, F4876JT, F4876J, F4877H, F4878H, F4879HT, F4879H, F4879JT, F4879J, F4880HG, F4880HR, F4880HT, F4880H, F4880JG, F4880JS, F4880JT, F4881HG, F4881HT, F4881JG, F4881JT, F4882H, F4882JT, F4882J, F4884H, F4884J, F4885H, F4885J, F4886H, F4886J, F4887H, F4887JT, F4887J, F4888H, F4888JT, F4888J, F4889HT, F4889H, F4889JT, F4889J, F4890H, F4890JT, F4890J, F5347JS, F5347KS, F5511JS, F5805JS, F5822HS, F5826HS, F5829HS, F5830JS, F5830JT, F5832JS, F6148J
  • OmniBook xt1500 BTCO F5283AV, F5284AV
  • OmniBook xt1500 Series (ID - Pentium IV) F5512HS, F5535H, F5536H, F5537H, F5641HS, F5651HS, F5801HS, F5801HT, F5804HS, F5810HT, F5811HS, F5812HS, F5818HS, F5823HS
  • OmniBook xt1500 F3444H, F3445HT, F3445H, F3446H, F3447H, F5188H, F5428H, F5507HS, F5508HS, F5608HS, F5609HS, F5610HS, F5611HS
  • OmniBook xt6050 Series F4503AV, F4506HC, F4506HG, F4506HR, F4506HT, F4506H, F4506JC, F4506JG, F4506JR, F4506JT, F4506J, F4506KC, F4506KG, F4506KR, F4506KT, F4506K, F4507HC, F4507HG, F4507HR, F4507HT, F4507H, F4507JC, F4507JG, F4507JR, F4507JT, F4507J, F4507KC, F4507KG, F4507KR, F4507KT, F4507K, F4508HC, F4508HG, F4508HR, F4508HT, F4508H, F4508JC, F4508JG, F4508JR, F4508JT, F4508J, F4508KC, F4508KG, F4508KR, F4508KT, F4508K, F4509HC, F4509HG, F4509HR, F4509HT, F4509H, F4509JC, F4509JG, F4509JR, F4509JT, F4509J, F4509KC, F4509KG, F4509KR, F4509KT, F4509K, F4510HC, F4510HG, F4510HR, F4510HT, F4510H, F4510JC, F4510JG, F4510JR, F4510JT, F4510J, F4510KC, F4510KG, F4510KR, F4510KT, F4510K, F4511HC, F4511HG, F4511HR, F4511HT, F4511H, F4511JC, F4511JG, F4511JR, F4511JT, F4511J, F4511KC, F4511KG, F4511KR, F4511KT, F4511K, F4512HC, F4512HG, F4512HR, F4512HT, F4512H, F4512JC, F4512JG, F4512JR, F4512JT, F4512J, F4512KC, F4512KG, F4512KR, F4512KT, F4512K, F4513HC, F4513HG, F4513HR, F4513HT, F4513H, F4513JC, F4513JG, F4513JR, F4513JT, F4513J, F4513KC, F4513KG, F4513KR, F4513KT, F4513K, F4514HC, F4514HG, F4514HR, F4514HT, F4
  • F4514JC, F4514JG, F4514JR, F4514JT, F4514J, F4514KC, F4514KG, F4514KR, F4514KT, F4514K, F4515HC, F4515HG, F4515HR, F4515HT, F4515H, F4515JC, F4515JG, F4515JR, F4515JT, F4515J, F4515KC, F4515KG, F4515KR, F4515KT, F4515K, F4516HC, F4516HG, F4516HR, F4516HT, F4516H, F4516JC, F4516JG, F4516JR, F4516JT, F4516J, F4516KC, F4516KG, F4516KR, F4516KT, F4516K, F4517HC, F4517HG, F4517HR, F4517HT, F4517H, F4517JC, F4517JG, F4517JR, F4517JT, F4517J, F4517KC, F4517KG, F4517KR, F4517KT, F4517K, F4518HC, F4518HG, F4518HR, F4518HT, F4518H, F4518JC, F4518JG, F4518JR, F4518JT, F4518J, F4518KC, F4518KG, F4518KR, F4518KT, F4518K, F4519HC, F4519HG, F4519HR, F4519HT, F4519H, F4519JC, F4519JG, F4519JR, F4519JT, F4519J, F4519KC, F4519KR, F4519KT, F4519K, F4520HG, F4520HR, F4520HT, F4520H, F4520JG, F4520JT, F4730HG, F4730HS, F4730JG, F4830HS, F4830JS, F4831HS, F4831JS, F4832HS, F4832JS, F4834JS, F4841JS, F4979JS, F4985JS, F5340JS, F5354JS, F5365HS, F5365JS, F5500HS, F5504HS, F5603JS, F5629JS, F5644JS, F5652HS, F5652JS, F5800HS, F5800JS, F5809JS, F6737JS, F6747HS
  • OmniBook xt6200 F4525HC, F4525HG, F4525HR, F4525HT, F4525H, F4526HS, F4526JC, F4526JG, F4526JR, F4526JT, F4526J, F4527JC, F4527JG, F4527JR, F4527JT, F4527J, F4528HC, F4528JG, F4528JT, F4529JG, F4529JT, F4530JC, F4530JG, F4530JR, F4530JT, F4530J, F4531JC, F4531JG, F4531JR, F4531JT, F4531J, F4532JG, F4532JT, F4533HS, F4533JC, F4533JG, F4533JR, F4533JT, F4533J, F4534JC, F4534JG, F4534JR, F4534JT, F4534J, F4535HS, F4535JC, F4535JG, F4535JR, F4535JT, F4535J, F4919AV, F4920AV, F4922AV, F5337HS, F5337JS, F5370JS, F5371JS, F5377HC, F5377HG, F5377HR, F5377HT, F5377H, F5378JC, F5378JG, F5378JR, F5378JT, F5378J, F5379JC, F5379JG, F5379JR, F5379JT, F5379J, F5380JG, F5380JT, F5381JG, F5381JT, F5382JC, F5382JG, F5382JR, F5382JT, F5382J, F5383JC, F5383JG, F5383JT, F5383J, F5384JG, F5384JT, F5385JC, F5385JG, F5385JR, F5385JT, F5385J, F5386JC, F5386JG, F5386JR, F5386JT, F5386J, F5387JC, F5387JG, F5387JR, F5387JT, F5387J, F5394JT, F5394J, F5395JT, F5395J, F5396JT, F5396J, F5604JT, F5615JS, F5621JS, F5817JS, F5817JT, F5831JS, F5864JT, F5864J, F5865JT, F5865J
  • OmniBook XF, XH, XT, XZ Series
  • OmniBook XU100, XU155 Series
  • OmniBook ZE1000/ZE1100 Series
  • OmniBook ZT, ZT1000 Series
  • OmniBook ZU175, ZU1000, ZU1155 Series
  • OmniBook 6000 Series
  • OmniBook N3000/N3100/N3200/N3300/N3400 Series
  • OmniBook N5000/N5100/N5200/N5300/N5400/N5500 Series
  • OmniBook N6000/N6100/N6300/N6400 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook xf255 F5190A, F5190HR, F5190H, F5183HR, F5183H
  • Pavilion Notebook xf335 F5418HR, F5418H, F5419HR, F5419H, F5913HR, F5913H, F5420HR, F5420H
  • Pavilion Notebook xt412 F5861HR, F5861H, F5855HR, F5855H, F5856HR, F5856H, F5871HR, F5871H
  • Pavilion Notebook xz168 F5543HR, F5543H, F5554HR, F5554H, F5541HR, F5541H, F5548HR, F5548H
  • Pavilion Notebook xz295 F3397HR, F3397H, F3400HR, F3400H
  • Pavilion Notebook xz355 F5540HR, F5540H, F3451HR, F3451H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze1115 F3414HR, F3414H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze1250 F5421HR, F5421H, F5422HR, F5422H, F5398HR, F5398H, F5399HR, F5399H, F5400HR, F5400H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4101 F5695AV, F4902HR, F4902H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4111s F5859HR, F5859H, F5874H, F5872H, F5873HR, F5873H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4115 F4903HR, F4903H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4123 F5869HR, F5869H, F5878HG, F5879HG
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4125 F4892HR, F4892H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4140 F5870HR, F5870H, F5875HR, F5875H, F5868H
  • Pavilion Notebook ze4145 F4893HR, F4893H
  • Pavilion Notebook zt1000-IC BTCO Base Unit F5097AV, F5098AV
  • Pavilion Notebook zt1000-ID BTCO Base Unit F5100AV, F5484AV
  • Pavilion Notebook zt1195 F3398HR, F3398H, F3437H, F3394HR, F3394H, F3438H, F3399HR, F3399H, F3439H, F3395HR, F3395H
  • Pavilion Notebook zt1290 F5538HG, F5539HG, F3448HR, F3448H, F5532H, F3449HR, F3449H, F5549H, F3450HR, F3450H xe4400 F4813A
  • Pavilion Notebook 2100/3000/3100/3250 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook 4100/4110/4150/4150B Series
  • Pavilion Notebook 500/500B/510 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook 6000/6000B/6000C/6100 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook 7000/7100/7150 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook 900/900B Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XE/XE-DA Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XE2, XE2-DA, XE2-DB, XE2-DC, XE2-DD, XE2-DE, XE2-DI
  • Pavilion Notebook XE3, XE3B, XE3C, XE3L, XE3-GD, XE3-GE, XE3-GF Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XE4100/XE4500 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XT1000/XT1500 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XT6050 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XT6200 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook VT6200 Series
  • Pavilion Notebook XZ Series
  • Pavilion Notebook ZE Series
  • Pavilion Notebook ZT Series
  • Pavilion Notebook ze5185 F4685HR, F4685H, F4672HR, F4672H, F4676HR, F4676H, F4677HR, F4677H, F4681HR, F4681H, F4689HR, F4689H, F4637AV, F5314AV, F4683HR, F4683H, F6155HR, F6155H, F6156HR, F6156H, F4680HR, F4680H, F4684HR, F4684H
  • OmniBook xe4400 F4636AV, F5250AV, F5813HS, F5814HS, F5815HS, F5816HS, F5820HS, F5821HS, F6749HS, F6753JS, F4665H, F4665J, F4666HC, F4666HG, F4666H, F4666JC, F4666JG, F4666JT, F4666J, F4667HC, F4667HG, F4667HT, F4667H, F4667JC, F4667JG, F4667J, F4670HG, F4670HR, F4670HS, F4670HT, F4670H, F4670JG, F4670JT, F4671HG, F4671HS, F4671HT, F4671JG, F4671JR, F4671JT, F4671J, F4673H, F4673J, F4674H, F4674J, F4675H, F5427H, Ze55
  • 60us, ze5460us, ze4560us, 4560, ze5000xx, ze4525us, 2585US, 2190US, 2580US, 2590US, ZE4610US, ZX5040US, 2182US, 2195US, 2596US, 2598US, DM728A, DM728AR, dm747a#aba, nx9010, ZE5620US, zv5030us, ze5630us, nx9008, nx9110,
  • Compaq Presario, DA733AV, 2500, DC944AV, 2500, DM369AV, 2500, DA734AV, 2500, DP662AV, 2500, DP663AV, 2500, DC715AR, 2525CA, DC715A, 2525CA, DB390AR, 2525US, DB390A, 2525US, DE867AR, 2529CL, DE867A, 2529CL, DU589E, 2532EU, DB391AR, 2535QV, DB391A, 2535QV, DC973AR, 2535QV, DC973A, 2535QV, DC969AR, 2538CL, DC969A, 2538CL, DC970AR, 2545US, DC970A, 2545US, DF859AR, 2550CA, DF859A, 2550CA, DK561AR, 2561US, DK561A, 2561US, DK560AR, 2568CL, DK560A, 2568CL, DK562AR, 2570CA, DK562A, 2570CA, DK558AR, 2570US, DK558A, 2570US, DK559AR, 2575US, DK559A, 2575US, DM763AR, 2580CA, DM763A, 2580CA, DM758AR, 2580US, DM758A, 2580US, DM757AR, 2581US, DM757A, 2581US, DM760AR, 2585US, DM760A, 2585US, DM761AR, 2590US, DM761A, 2590US, DS544UR, 2591US, DS544U, 2591US, DS542UR, 2596US, DS542U, 2596US, DU919UR, 2597CL, DU919U, 2597CL, DS549UR, 2597US, DS549U, 2597US, DM762A, 2598CL, DS543UR, 2598US, DS543U, 2598US, DS545UR, 2599US, DS545U, 2599US , DC603AR, xt276, DC603A, xt276, DF861AR, xt5335QV, DF861A, xt5335QV, DC966AR, xt5366WM, C966A, xt5366WM, DK941AR, xt5377QV, DK941A, xt5377QV, DK570AR, xt5477WM, DK570A, xt5477WM, DE862AR, xt555, DE862A, xt555, DB397AR, xt565, DB397A, xt565, DC672AR, xt575, DC672A, xt575, DE861AR, xt575, DE861A , xt575, DC753AR, xt585, DC753A, xt585, DE863AR, xt595, DE863A, xt595, DB399AR, ze5236, DB399A, ze5236, DC671AR, ze5240, DC671A, ze5240, DB395AR, ze5250, DB395A, ze5250, DB396AR, ze5270, DB396A, ze5270, DC673AR, ze5279, DC673A, ze5279, DA723AV, ze5300xx notebook PC (CTO 5.5) DG070A, ze5332US, DC967AR, ze5345US, DC967A, ze5345US, DC968AR, ze5365US, DC968A, ze5365US, DC964AR, ze5375US, DC964A, ze5375US, DF862AR, ze5385CA, DF862A, ze5385CA, DC965AR, ze5385US, DC965A, ze5385US, DF809A, ze5395US, DK569AR, ze5451US, DK569A, ze5451US, DK566AR, ze5468CL, DK566A, ze5468CL, DK564AR, ze5470US, DK564A, ze5470US, DN837AR, ze5470US, DN837A, ze5470US, DL404AR, ze5475CA, DL404A, Ze5475CA, DK567AR, ze5478CL, DK567A, ze5478CL, DK565AR, ze5490US, DK565A, ze5490US, DM368AV, ze5500xx notebook PC (CTO 5.8) FF DP471UR, ze5501US, DP471U, ze5501US, DM764AR, ze5547WM, DM764A, ze5547WM, DP473UR, ze5560US, DP473U, ze5560US, DM769AR, ze5568CL, DM769A, ze5568CL, DP472UR, ze5568QV, DP472U, ze5568QV, DM767AR, ze5570US, DM767A, ze5570US, DM768AR, ze5575SR, DM768A, ze5575SR, DM766AR, ze5580US, DM766A, ze5580US, DP470U, ze5590US, DU915U, ze5602us, DU917U, ze5603US, DW396UR, Ze5604RS, DW396U, ze5604RS, DU918U, ze5605SR, DS541UR, ze5607WM, DS541U, ze5607WM, DU914UR, ze5610CA, DU914U, ze5610CA, DW398UR, ze5615CA, DW398U, ze5615CA, DS538UR, ze5615SR, DS538U, ze5615SR, DS534UR, ze5617WM, DS534U, ze5617WM, DS540UR, ze5620US, DS540U, ze5620US, DW397UR, ze5630US, DW397U, ze5630US, DU916U, ze5634US, DL228AV,ZE5537LA, ZE5587LA, ZE5565QV,

    it may also fit other models!

Package Includes:

  • HP F4600A Laptop AC Power Adapter 19V 5A
  • Power Cord
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!

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