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AC Adapter for HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 90W fits Presario 900 V6500 V6100 V6200 V6400 F500 F700 394224-001 393955-001 Brand new
AC Adapter for HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 90W fits Presario 900 V6500 V6100 V6200 V6400 F500 F700 394224-001 393955-001 Brand new
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AC Adapter for HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 90W fits Presario 900 V6500 V6100 V6200 V6400 F500 F700 394224-001 393955-001 Brand new

AC Adapter for HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 90W fits Presario 900 V6500 V6100 V6200 V6400 F500 F700 394224-001 393955-001 Brand new


  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 19V, 4.74A, 90W
  • UCODE:U028
  • Power cable included

Compatible Part No:

  • 410321-001
  • PPP012L
  • PPP014S
  • 101880-001
  • 101898-001
  • 120765-001
  • 146594-001
  • 159224-001
  • 159224-002
  • 163444-001
  • 179725-002
  • 179725-003
  • 209124-001
  • 209126-001
  • 239427-001
  • 239427-003
  • 239704-001
  • 265602-001
  • 285288-001
  • 287515-001
  • 239428-001
  • 293705-001
  • 338136-001
  • 386315-001
  • 386315-002
  • 387661-001


  • Compaq Presario F500 Series, F500, F500EA, F501, F501AU, F502, F502AU, F502EA, F502EU, F502LA, F503, F503AU, F504, F504AU, F504EA, F504EM, F504EU, F505, F505AU, F505EA, F505LA, F506, F506EA, F506LA, F545, F545EA, F545EU, F551, F551AU, F552, F552AU, F552LA, F553, F553AU, F553CL, F553US, F554, F554AU, F555, F555AU, F555LA, F555US, F557, F557US, F557WM, F558, F558US, F560, F560US, F560XX, F562, F562LA, F565, F565LA, F566, F566LA, F571, F571AU, F572, F572AU, F572US, F573, F573AU, F577, F577CL, F579, F579WM
  • Compaq Presario 900 Series ,Covers Models Presario 900, 900US, 901, 902, 903, 904, 905, 905US, 906, 906US, 907, 908, 909, 910, 910US, 911, 912, 912rsh, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 918rsh, 919, 920, 920US, 921, 922, 923, 925, 927, 930, 935, 940, 943, 945, 950, 955
  • Compaq Presario 1500 Series ,Covers Models 1500, 1500C, 1505, 1505DM, 1510, 1510DM, 1520, 1520D, 1520DM, 1530, 1530D, 1530DM, 1540, 1540DM, 1550, 1550DM, 1550 DMT, 1560DM, 1571DM, 1573DM, 1580DMT, 1590DMT, 1592DMT, 1598DMT
  • Compaq Presario V6100 Series ,V6100, V6101, V6101AU, V6101EA, V6101TU, V6101US, V6102, V6102AU, V6102EA, V6102TU, V6102US, V6103, V6103AU, V6103EA, V6103TU, V6104, V6104AU, V6104TU, V6105, V6105AU, V6105EA, V6105NR, V6105TU, V6106, V6106AU, V6106TU, V6107, V6107AU, V6107TU, V6107US, V6108, V6108AU, V6108EA, V6108TU, V6109, V6109AU, V6109EA, V6109EU, V6109TU, V6110, V6110AU, V6110CA, V6110EA, V6110TU, V6110US, V6111, V6111AU, V6111EA, V6111TU, V6112, V6112EU, V6112TU, V6113, V6113EA, V6113TU, V6114, V6114TU, V6115, V6115EA, V6115EU, V6115TU, V6116, V6116TU, V6117, V6117EU, V6117TU, V6118, V6118TU, V6119, V6119TU, V6120, V6120CA, V6120TU, V6120US, V6121, V6121TU, V6122, V6122TU, V6123, V6123TU, V6124, V6124TU, V6125, V6125TU, V6126, V6126EU, V6126TU, V6127, V6127TU, V6128, V6128EU, V6128TU, V6129, V6129EA, V6129TU, V6130, V6130TU, V6130US, V6131, V6131EU, V6131TU, V6132, V6132TU, V6133, V6133CA, V6133CL, V6133EU, V6133TU, V6134, V6134TU, V6135, V6135TU, V6136, V6136TU, V6137, V6137EA, V6137TU V6137US, V6138, 6138EA, V6138TU, V6139, V6139EA, V6139TU, V6140, V6140TU, V6141, V6141TU, V6142, V6142TU, V6143, V6143CL, V6143TU, V6144, V6144TU, V6145, V6145EA, V6145TU, V6146, V6146TU, V6147, V6147EA, V6147TU, V6148, V6148EA, V6148TU, V6149, V6149EA, V6150, V6150EA, V6151, V6151EA, V6155, V6155EA, V6171, V6171CL, V6180, V6180EA, V6181, V6181EA, V6182, V6182EA, V6198, V6198XX
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  • Hp Pavilion DV9000 Series , DV9000, DV9000EA, DV9000T, DV9000Z, DV9001, DV9001CA, DV9001EA, DV9001TX, DV9001XX, DV9003, DV9003CA, DV9003EA, DV9003TX, DV9003XX, DV9004, DV9004TX, DV9004XX, DV9005, DV9005CA, DV9005EA, DV9005TX, DV9005US, DV9006, DV9006EA, DV9006TX, DV9007, DV9007EA, DV9007TX, DV9008, DV9008EA, DV9008EU, DV9008NR, DV9008TX, DV9009, DV9009CL, DV9009TX, DV9009NR, DV9009US, DV9010, DV9010CA, DV9010EA, DV9010TX, DV9010US, DV9011, DV9011EA, DV9011XX, DV9012, DV9012EA, DV9012TX, DV9013, DV9013CA, DV9013CL, DV9014, DV9014EA, DV9014TX, DV9015, DV9015EA, DV9015TX, DV9016, DV9016EA, DV9016TX, DV9017, DV9017EA, DV9017TX, DV9018, DV9018EA, DV9018TX, DV9019, DV9019EA, DV9019TX, DV9020, DV9020TX, DV9020XX, DV9021, DV9021TX, DV9021XX, DV9022, DV9022EA, DV9022TX, DV9023, DV9023US, DV9024, DV9024EA, DV9030, DV9030EA, DV9030US, DV9033, DV9033CL, DV9035, DV9035EA, DV9035NR, DV9036, DV9036EA, DV9037, DV9037EA, DV9038, DV9038EA, DV9039, DV9039EA, DV9040, DV9040EA, DV9040EU, DV9040TX, DV9040US, DV9041, DV9041EA, DV9042, DV9042EA, DV9043, DV9043EA, DV9044, DV9044EA, DV9045, DV9045EA, DV9046, DV9046EA, DV9047, DV9047EA, DV9048, DV9048EA, DV9049, DV9049EA, DV9050, DV9050EA, DV9051, DV9051EA, DV9052, DV9052EA, DV9053, DV9053EA, DV9054, DV9054EA, DV9055, DV9055EA, DV9056, DV9056EA, DV9057, DV9057EA, DV9058, DV9058EA, DV9059, DV9059EA, DV9060EA, DV9060US, DV9061, DV9061EA, DV9062, DV9062EA, DV9064, DV9064EA, DV9065, DV9065EA, DV9066, DV9066EA, DV9067, DV9067EA, DV9068, DV9068EA, DV9069, DV9069EA, DV9071, DV9071EA, DV9072, DV9072EA, DV9073, DV9073EA, DV9074, DV9074CL, DV9074EA, DV9075, DV9075EA, DV9075EU, DV9075LA, DV9075XX, DV9076, DV9076EA, DV9077, DV9077EA, DV9078, DV9078EA, DV9079, DV9079EA, DV9080, DV9080EA, DV9081, DV9081EA, DV9082, DV9082EA, DV9083, DV9083EA, DV9084, DV9084EA, DV9085, DV9085EA, DV9086, DV9086EA, DV9087, DV9087EA, DV9088, DV9088EA, DV9089, DV9089EA, DV9090, DV9090EA, DV9091, DV9091EA, DV9092, DV9092EA, DV9095, DV9095EU, DV9095TX, DV9095XX, DV9096, DV9096EA, DV9096XX, DV9097, DV9097EA, DV9097XX, DV9098, DV9098XX, DV9099, DV9099EA, DV9099XX

    it may also fit other models!

Package Includes:

  • AC Adapter for HP Compaq 410321-001 19V 4.74A 90W
  • Power Cord
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!

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