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AC Adapter fpcac54Ap For Fujitsu Lifebook n6460 n6110 n3000 n5000 c1320 c1410 n6420 n6410 c1321 n5010 n53 n58 fpcac39ap fpcac54
AC Adapter FPCAC54AP for Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 N6110 N3000 N5000 C1320 C1410 N6420 N6410 C1321 N5010 N53 N58 FPCAC39AP FPCAC54
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AC Adapter FPCAC54AP for Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 N6110 N3000 N5000 C1320 C1410 N6420 N6410 C1321 N5010 N53 N58 FPCAC39AP FPCAC54

AC Adapter FPCAC54AP for Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 N6110 N3000 N5000 C1320 C1410 N6420 N6410 C1321 N5010 N53 N58 FPCAC39AP FPCAC54

AC Adapter FPCAC54AP for Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 N6110 N3000 N5000 C1320 C1410 N6420 N6410 C1321 N5010 N53 N58 FPCAC39AP FPCAC54

Product compatible with these models:

  • 91-49V28-002
  • 91.49V28.002
  • 316688-002
  • 317188-001
  • 325112-001
  • 344895-001
  • ADP-75FB
  • ADP-90HD
  • F1814A
  • F4600A
  • F4813-60901
  • F4813A
  • HP-OW121F13
  • PPP017H
  • CP163061-01
  • CP311810-02
  • FMV-AC323
  • FPCAC54
  • ACA-2720
  • ACA-2820
  • ACA-4060
  • PA-1121-02
  • PA-1121-08
  • PA3290E-2ACA
  • PA3290U-2ACA

  • UCODE : U022

Product compatible with these models:


  • Fujitsu LifeBook C Series
  • LifeBook C1320, LifeBook C1320D, LifeBook C1321,
  • LifeBook C1321D, LifeBook C1410
  • Fujitsu LifeBook E Series
  • LifeBook E8410
  • Fujitsu LifeBook N Series
  • LifeBook N-3000, LifeBook N-3010, LifeBook N-5000,
  • LifeBook N-5010, LifeBook N3000, LifeBook N3010,
  • LifeBook N5000, LifeBook N5010, LifeBook N04,
  • LifeBook N53, LifeBook N58, LifeBook N61,
  • LifeBook N6110, LifeBook N6410, LifeBook N6420,
  • LifeBook N6460


  • Acer Aspire 1500 Series
  • Acer Aspire 1520
  • Acer Aspire 1600 Series
  • Acer Aspire 1610, Acer Aspire 1620, Acer Aspire 1660
  • Acer Aspire 1670
  • Acer TravelMate 240 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 250 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 2100 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 2200 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 2500 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 2600 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 2700 Series
  • Acer TravelMate 3000 Series

  • AJP AJP D400, AJP D400E, AJP D410,
  • AJP D410E
  • ARM Arm ArmNote D470W
  • Boldata D470W
  • Chem usa ChemBook 3300
  • Clevo DeskNote D470W
  • Clevo PortaNote D470W
  • Clevo DeskNote D400 Series
  • Clevo DeskNote D410 Series
  • Clevo PortaNote D400 Series
  • Clevo PortaNote D410 Series

  • Compaq Presario R3000 Series
  • Presario R3000, Presario R3001, Presario R3002,
  • Presario R3003, Presario R3004, Presario R3005,
  • Presario R3006, Presario R3007, Presario R3008,
  • Presario R3009, Presario R3010, Presario R3011,
  • Presario R3012, Presario R3013, Presario R3014,
  • Presario R3015, Presario R3016, Presario R3017,
  • Presario R3018, Presario R3019, Presario R3021,
  • Presario R3022, Presario R3023, Presario R3024,
  • Presario R3030, Presario R3038, Presario R3039,
  • Presario R3040, Presario R3050, Presario R3055,
  • Presario R3056, Presario R3057, Presario R3060,
  • Presario R3065, Presario R3070
  • Compaq Presario R3100 Series
  • Presario R3101, Presario R3111, Presario R3112,
  • Presario R3113, Presario R3114, Presario R3116,
  • Presario R3117, Presario R3118, Presario R3119,
  • Presario R3120, Presario R3128, Presario R3136,
  • Presario R3137, Presario R3138, Presario R3139,
  • Presario R3140, Presario R3145, Presario R3150,
  • Presario R3158, Presario R3160, Presario R3190
  • Compaq Presario R3200 Series
  • Presario R3201, Presario R3202, Presario R3203,
  • Presario R3204, Presario R3205, Presario R3206,
  • Presario R3207, Presario R3208, Presario R3209,
  • Presario R3210, Presario R3211, Presario R3212,
  • Presario R3213, Presario R3214, Presario R3215,
  • Presario R3220, Presario R3228, Presario R3230,
  • Presario R3235, Presario R3240, Presario R3241,
  • Presario R3247, Presario R3248, Presario R3249,
  • Presario R3250, Presario R3251, Presario R3255,
  • Presario R3260, Presario R3275, Presario R3290
  • Compaq Presario R3300 Series
  • Presario R3303, Presario R3304, Presario R3305,
  • Presario R3306, Presario R3307, Presario R3309,
  • Presario R3310, Presario R3311, Presario R3312,
  • Presario R3313, Presario R3314, Presario R3315,
  • Presario R3320, Presario R3332, Presario R3340,
  • Presario R3344, Presario R3345, Presario R3346,
  • Presario R3347, Presario R3353, Presario R3354,
  • Presario R3355, Presario R3356, Presario R3357,
  • Presario R3358, Presario R3360, Presario R3363,
  • Presario R3365, Presario R3370, Presario R3375,
  • Presario R3380, Presario R3396, Presario R3399
  • Compaq Presario R3400 Series
  • Presario R3405, Presario R3408, Presario R3410,
  • Presario R3411, Presario R3413, Presario R3415,
  • Presario R3418, Presario R3420, Presario R3421,
  • Presario R3422, Presario R3423, Presario R3425,
  • Presario R3430, Presario R3440, Presario R3445,
  • Presario R3450, Presario R3454, Presario R3455,
  • Presario R3458, Presario R3460, Presario R3465,
  • Presario R3470, Presario R3475, Presario R3479,
  • Presario R3480, Presario R3482, Presario R3484,
  • Presario R3485, Presario R3488


  • Eurocom D400E, Eurocom D400S, Eurocom D410S,
  • Eurocom D470S, Eurocom D470W


  • Fosa D400S, Fosa D400W
  • GVS Computer D410, GVS Computer D410S,
  • GVS Computer D470W


  • HP Compaq Business Notebook N1050v,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9000,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9005,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9008,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9010,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9110,
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9500
  • HP OmniBook nx Series
  • HP OmniBook nx9008,
  • HP OmniBook nx9010,
  • HP OmniBook nx9110
  • HP OmniBook vt Series
  • HP OmniBook vt6200
  • HP OmniBook xe Series
  • HP OmniBook xe4400,
  • HP OmniBook xe4500
  • HP OmniBook xf Series
  • HP OmniBook Pavilion xf255,
  • HP OmniBook xf335
  • HP OmniBook xt Series
  • HP OmniBook xt412, HP OmniBook xt6050, HP OmniBook xt6200
  • HP OmniBook xt1500 Series
  • HP OmniBook xz Series
  • HP OmniBook xz168, HP OmniBook xz295, HP OmniBook xz355
  • HP OmniBook ze Series
  • HP OmniBook ze1115, HP OmniBook ze1250, HP OmniBook ze2190US,
  • HP OmniBook ze2580US, HP OmniBook ze2585US, HP OmniBook ze2590US,
  • HP OmniBook ze4101, HP OmniBook ze4111s, HP OmniBook ze4115,
  • HP OmniBook ze4123, HP OmniBook ze4125, HP OmniBook ze4140,
  • HP OmniBook ze4145, HP OmniBook ze4525us, HP OmniBook ze4560,
  • HP OmniBook ze4560us, HP OmniBook ze4610US, HP OmniBook ze5000xx,
  • HP OmniBook ze5185, HP OmniBook ze5460us, HP OmniBook ze5560us,
  • HP OmniBook ze5620US, HP OmniBook ze5630us
  • HP Omnibook zt Series
  • HP OmniBook zt1000-IC, HP OmniBook zt1000-ID, HP OmniBook zt1195,
  • HP OmniBook zt1290
  • HP Omnibook zv Series
  • HP OmniBook zv5030us
  • HP OmniBook zx Series
  • HP OmniBook zx2182US, HP OmniBook zx2195US, HP OmniBook zx2596US,
  • HP OmniBook zx2598US, HP OmniBook zx5040US,
  • HP Pavilion zd Series
  • HP Pavilion zd7000, HP Pavilion zd7001, HP Pavilion zd7001US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7005, HP Pavilion zd7005QV, HP Pavilion zd7005US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7010, HP Pavilion zd7010CA, HP Pavilion zd7010US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7012EA, HP Pavilion zd7015, HP Pavilion zd7015US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7020, HP Pavilion zd7020US, HP Pavilion zd7030,
  • HP Pavilion zd7030US, HP Pavilion zd7040, HP Pavilion zd7040US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7050, HP Pavilion zd7050US, HP Pavilion zd7058CL,
  • HP Pavilion zd7101US, HP Pavilion zd7102US, HP Pavilion zd7140US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7160US, HP Pavilion zd7201US, HP Pavilion zd7230US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7260US, HP Pavilion zd7280US, HP Pavilion zd7310US,
  • HP Pavilion zd7360US, HP Pavilion zd7380US, HP Pavilion zd7999US


  • HyperData 4700, Hyperdata D470W

    IPC IPC Mnote 410S


  • Issam SmartBook i-400, Issam SmartBook i-410S, Issam SmartBook i-D400,
  • Issam SmartBook i-D410S

    LEO Leo DesigNote D400S
    MEDION Medion D400S

  • MICRO FLEX TECH Micro Flex Tech FlexNote D470W
  • MTECH Mtech D400S, Mtech D470W
  • ORDI Ordi Nexus D410
  • PEARL Pearl D400
  • Pioneer D Series
  • Pioneer D470, Pioneer D470V, Pioneer D470W
  • Pioneer Silver D Series
  • Pioneer Silver D470S
  • Pioneer Soho Series
  • Pioneer Soho D400E, Pioneer Soho D400F, Pioneer Soho D400P,
  • Pioneer Soho D400S, Pioneer Soho D400V
  • Promedion D410E, Promedion D410S

  • ProStar 982,
  • ProStar 9870
  • ProStar 2000 Series
  • ProStar 2100, ProStar 2100p, ProStar 2200c,
  • ProStar 2200s, ProStar 2200t, ProStar 2253,
  • ProStar 2273, ProStar 2293
  • ProStar 3000 Series
  • ProStar 3100b, ProStar 3100c, ProStar 3150,
  • ProStar 3550, ProStar 3593
  • ProStar 4000 Series
  • ProStar 4014, ProStar 4074, ProStar 4094,
  • ProStar 4200, ProStar 4283, ProStar 4794
  • ProStar 5000 Series
  • ProStar 5100s, ProStar 5190
  • ProStar D Series
  • ProStar D400E, ProStar D400S, ProStar D410S,
  • ProStar D470W


  • Roverbook Explorer E570
  • Roverbook Explorer D Series
  • Roverbook Explorer D400E, Roverbook Explorer D470W, Roverbook Explorer D480V,
  • Roverbook Explorer D790, Roverbook Explorer D795


  • Saca Technologies SACANote D470


  • Sager 86, Sager 87, Sager 98,
  • Sager 862, Sager 5100C, Sager 5200,
  • Sager 6200, Sager 7200, Sager 8549 D20,
  • Sager 8700
  • Sager NB Series
  • Sager NB8600, Sager NB8700
  • Sager NP Series
  • Sager NP2720, Sager NP2880, Sager NP3350I,
  • Sager NP3360V, Sager NP3750, Sager NP4020,
  • Sager NP4060, Sager NP4080, Sager NP4760,
  • Sager NP4780, Sager NP4780-C, Sager NP4780-S,
  • Sager NP4780-V, Sager NP5680, Sager NP8100,
  • Sager NP8300, Sager NP8500, Sager NP8600,
  • Sager NP8700, Sager NP8890
  • SEANIX Seanix SeaNote D400


  • SmartBook i-D400S, Smartbook i-D410S,
  • Smartbook i-D470W


  • Sunrex 2800, Sunrex 8200,
  • Sunrex 8600, Sunrex F10503-A


  • Toshiba Satellite A60 Series
  • Satellite A60-S156, Satellite A60-S159, Satellite A60-S166,
  • Satellite A60-S1561, Satellite A60-S1591, Satellite A60-S1591ST,
  • Satellite A60-S1592ST, Satellite A60-S1661, Satellite A60-S1662,
  • Satellite A60-S1691ST
  • Toshiba Satellite A65 Series
  • Satellite A65-S109, Satellite A65-S126, Satellite A65-S136,
  • Satellite A65-S1062, Satellite A65-S1063, Satellite A65-S1064,
  • Satellite A65-S1065, Satellite A65-S1066, Satellite A65-S1067,
  • Satellite A65-S1091, Satellite A65-S1261, Satellite A65-S1361,
  • Satellite A65-S1362, Satellite A65-S1662, Satellite A65-S1762
  • Toshiba Satellite A70 Series
  • Satellite A70-S249, Satellite A70-S256, Satellite A70-S259,
  • Satellite A70-S2362, Satellite A70-S2491, Satellite A70-S2492ST,
  • Satellite A70-S2561, Satellite A70-S2591
  • Toshiba Satellite A75 Series
  • Satellite A75-S206, Satellite A75-S211, Satellite A75-S226,
  • Satellite A75-S229, Satellite A75-S231, Satellite A75-S276,
  • Satellite A75-S2061, Satellite A75-S2091, Satellite A75-S2111,
  • Satellite A75-S2261, Satellite A75-S2291, Satellite A75-S2292,
  • Satellite A75-S2293, Satellite A75-S2311, Satellite A75-S2761,
  • Satellite A75-S2762
  • Toshiba Satellite P25 Series
  • Satellite P25-S670, Satellite P25-S676, Satellite P25-S6761
  • Toshiba Satellite P30 Series
  • Satellite P30-S6362ST, Satellite P30-S63623T, Satellite P30-S701TD
  • Toshiba Satellite P35 Series
  • Satellite P35-S609, Satellite P35-S611, Satellite P35-S629,
  • Satellite P35-S631, Satellite P35-S6091, Satellite P35-S6111,
  • Satellite P35-S6291, Satellite P35-S6292, Satellite P35-S6311,
  • Satellite P35-S7012


  • Winbook FX,
  • Winbook LM,
  • Winbook N,
  • Winbook Si,
  • Winbook Z
  • Winbook J Series
  • Winbook J, Winbook J4
  • Winbook M Series
  • Winbook M201, Winbook M220, Winbook M221,
  • Winbook M301, Winbook M351, Winbook M402
  • Winbook X Series
  • Winbook X1, Winbook X4, Winbook XL,
  • Winbook XL2, Winbook XL3, Winbook XP

Package Includes:

  • AC Adapter FPCAC54AP for Fujitsu LifeBook N6460
  • Power Cord
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!

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