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HP DV2300 DV2400 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord wire
HP DV2300 DV2400 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord wire
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HP DV2300 DV2400 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord wire

HP DV2300 DV2400 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord wire

HP DV2300 DV2400 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord wire


  • Input: AC 100V-240V 50-60Hz
  • Output:65W
  • Connecter size:4.8mm/1.7mm

compatible with the following device:

  • HP Compaq ZE4900 Series: ZE4900 ZE4901 ZE4901us ZE4901XX ZE4902 ZE4903 ZE4904 ZE4905 ZE4906
  • ZE4907 ZE4908 ZE4910 ZE4910us ZE4911 ZE4913 ZE4915 ZE4916 ZE4917 ZE4918 ZE4919 ZE4920 ZE4922
  • ZE4923 ZE4925 ZE4926 ZE4928 ZE4929 ZE4930 ZE4935 ZE4940 ZE4950 ZE4951 ZE4957EA ZE4960 ZE4980
  • HP Compaq ZE2000 ZE2100 ZE2200 ZE2300 ZE2400 Series: ZE2000 ZE2000CTO Ze2000t Ze2000z Ze2001
  • Ze2001ap Ze2001ea Ze2001xx Ze2002ap Ze2002ea Ze2003ap ZE2004 Ze2004ap ZE2004US ZE2005
  • Ze2005ap Ze2005ea ZE2005US Ze2006ap Ze2007ap Ze2007ea ZE2008 Ze2008ap ZE2008WM Ze2009ap
  • ZE2010 Ze2010ap Ze2010br Ze2010ea Ze2011ap Ze2012ap Ze2013ap Ze2014ap ZE2015 Ze2015ea
  • ZE2015US Ze2016ap Ze2017ap Ze2018ap Ze2019ap ZE2020 Ze2020ap Ze2020br ZE2020CA Ze2020ea
  • Ze2021ea Ze2022ea Ze2023ea Ze2024ea Ze2025ea Ze2026ea Ze2027ea Ze2028ea Ze2030br Ze2039ea
  • Ze2040br Ze2040ea Ze2044ea Ze2045ea Ze2050ea Ze2055ea Ze2058ea Ze2060ea Ze2062ea Ze2064ea
  • Ze2065ea Ze2068ea Ze2070ea Ze2090ea Ze2091ea Ze2099xx ZE2100 ZE2108 ZE2108WM ZE2109 ZE2109US
  • ZE2110 ZE2110US ZE2113 ZE2113US ZE2114 ZE2114US ZE2115 ZE2115US ZE2117 ZE2117US ZE2120
  • ZE2120CA ZE2150 ZE2150US ZE2200 ZE2200CTO ZE2300 ZE2300la ZE2308 ZE2308WM ZE2309 ZE2309NR
  • ZE2315 ZE2315US ZE2400 ZE2401 ZE2401XT
  • Compaq Presario X1000 Series: X1000(Cto) X1001 X1001US X1002 X1002US X1005 X1005ea X1005la
  • X1006 X1006ea X1007 X1007ea X1007se X1010 X1010al X1010CA X1010ea X1010US X1011 X1011al
  • X1012 X1012al X1012ea X1012qv X1012us X1015 X1015US X1016 X1016ea X1018 X1018cl X1020ca
  • X1020ea X1020us X1021 X1021ap X1022 X1022ap /X1023 X1023ap X1026 X1026ap X1027 X1027ap X1028
  • X1028ap X1028CL X1029ap X1030 X1030ap X1030US X1031 X1031ap X1032 X1032ap X1033 X1033ap
  • X1034 X1034ap X1035 X1035ap X1036 X1036AP /X1037 X1037ap X1038 X1038ap X1039 X1040 X1040ap
  • X1040US X1041 /X1041ap X1042 X1042ap X1043 X1043ap X1044 X1044ap X1045 X1045ap /X1046 X1046ap
  • X1047 X1048 X1048ap X1049 X1049ap X1050 X1050ap /X1050CA X1050us X1051 X1051ap X1052 X1052ap
  • X1053 X1053ap X1054 /X1054ap X1055 X1055ap X1056 X1056ap X1057 X1057ap X1058 X1058ap X1058cl
  • X1060 X1060ap X1061 X1061ap X1062 X1062ap X1063 X1063ap X1064 X1064ap X1065 X1065ap X1066
  • X1066ap X1067 X1067ap X1068 X1068ap X1069 X1069ap X1070 X1070ap X1071 X1071ap X1072 X1072ap
  • X1073 X1073ap X1074 X1074ap X1075 X1075ap X1076ap X1077ap X1078ap X1079ap X1080 X1080ap X1081
  • X1081ap X1082 X1082ap X1083 X1083ap /X1084 X1084ap X1085 X1085ap X1086 X1086ap X1087 X1087ap
  • X1088 X1088ap X1089 X1089ap X1090 X1090ap X1091 X1091ap X1092 X1092ap /X1093 X1093ap X1094
  • X1094ap X1095 X1095ap X1096 X1096ap X1097 /X1097ap X1098 X1098ap X1099 X1099ap
  • Compaq Presario X1100, X1200, X1300, X1400, X1500 Series: X1100 X1105 /X1110 X1115 X1140 X1140ea X1155
  • X1200 X1201 X1201ap X1201US /X1202ap X1203ap X1204ap X1205ap X1206ap X1207ap X1208ap X1209ap
  • X1210 X1210ap X1210CA X1210US X1211ap X1212ap X1213ap X1214ap /X1215ap X1216ap X1217ap X1218ap
  • X1219ap X1220 X1220ap X1220ea /X1220US X1221ap X1222ap X1223ap X1224ap X1225ap X1227ap X1228ap
  • HP Compaq Tablet PCs: tc1000 tc1100 tc4200 tc4400

Package include:

  • AC Power Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • Please note that this is a quality compatible adapter, picture is just
    for reference. It may looks different from the physical adapter you
    received. Sometimes, we even will send you a brand name adapter
    that is compatible with the one advertised.

This is a Brand New Item!!

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